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26 Battalion colour patch, Australian AIF
26 Battalion colour patch, Australian AIF 26th Battalion Never Unprepared

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1939 to 1946


26th Battalion AIF Association
26 Bn AIF
Never Unprepared
Australian Infantry

September 25 till December 3, 1945
The battalion settled in for garrison duty at Rabaul. Extensive sports were organised to keep up the level of fitness. New reinforcements were assimilated into the unit with many of the men coming from mainland training units and were new to battalion life. Men with 190 points and over were warned for draft and their discharge.

December 3, 1945 till March 7, 1946
On December 28, the unit was honoured by a visit from the Prime Minister of Australia, Mr J.B. Chifley. The flow of men for discharge continued and new appointments took place. On December 14, 1945 Col Callinan DSO, MC, MID relinquished command and departed for discharge. Lt-Col A.G. Cameron DSO assumed command of the battalion.

March 7 till May 22, 1946
Almost 1,000 men marched in from units made redundant. On March 22, LtCol Cameron DSO relinquished command and LtCol P.G. Webster DSO assumed command of the 26th Battalion. On May 22, the 11th Brigade Farewell Parade was held and was reviewed by Maj-Gen B.M. Morris DSO, GOC, 8 MID accompanied by the Comd 11 Bde Brig R.F. Monaghan. The battalions present were; 22nd Bn, 26th Bn, 29th/46th Bn and the 31st/51st Bn.

May 22 till August 28, 1946
The 26th Battalion was literally 'brand new' as far as men were concerned. Very few of the originals were left. Between May and August, 1,432 men left for discharge; 1,040 men were transferred to other units. In four months 2,500 men departed the battalion.

August 28 till September 25, 1946
LtCol P.G. Webster relinquished command and LtCol E. Barnes assumed command of the 26th Battalion until the unit was disbanded on August 28, 1946. A Company remained as the holding unit until September 25, 1946. Capt Austin (Austy) Foers who was the QM arranged for the unit's stores to be packed and shipped home. Thus ended the life span of the 26th Australian Infantry Battalion (AIF).

Never Unprepared A.N. Turrell ISBN 0 646 08497 6

Used with permission

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