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26 Battalion colour patch, Australian AIF
26 Battalion colour patch, Australian AIF 26th Battalion Never Unprepared

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1939 to 1946


26th Battalion AIF Association
26 Bn AIF
Never Unprepared
Australian Infantry

Roll of Honour (World War II)

Sergeant I.F. Alford
Corporal H.J. Barker
Private T. Beattie
Private E.J. Bourke
Private G.T. Brachon
Private T.G. Brady
Corporal G.R. Burton
Lance Corporal G.J. Coles
Lieutenant J.W. Compton
Private R.G. Cooksey
Private L.E. Coulter
Private A. Crone
Private P.E. Druhan
Private G.C. Dyer
Private V.M. Ferguson
Lieutenant T.M. Forster
Private A.R. Fittler
Private L.G. French
Private E.W. Gardner
Private A.M. Graham
Private B.R. Gregurke
Private A.H.N. Headland
Warrant Officer 2 J.M. Kennedy
Private H.M. Laird
Corporal V.H. Lewis
Private T. McAtee
Private W.M. McQuarrie
Major W.D. Matthew
Private D.J. Meiers
Private V.R. Murphy
Private T. Murray
Private W.A.R. Murray
Sergeant H.E. Neelssen
Private L.L.M. Peff
Sergeant A.J. Rogers
Corporal D.P. Rudkins
Sergeant V. Saunders
Corporal L.E. Scott
Private E.J. Setter
Private A.L. Simpson
Private L.H. Smith
Private V.E. Smith
Private R.C. Sorenson
Private E. Souris
Private M.C.C. Traeger
Private E.J. Williams
Corporal E.V.I. Yates


Roll of Honour, 26 Aust. Inf. Bn A.I.F.

Roll of Honour at the 26 Battalion Memorial Chapel in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea