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Pte. R. T. Gaudion in 1942 and his Notification to report for a medical examination

Pte R. T. Gaudion
Pte RT Gaudion, 26 Bn, WWII Pte R. T. Gaudion Pte RT Gaudion, 26 Bn, WWII

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Bob Gaudion recalls, I was called up because it was wartime and at 18 years of age you were called up. I showed you the Notification for call-up and at that time you were not allowed to join AIF [Australian Imperial Force] in other words become a volunteer until you were 19 years of age so you were called up at 18 but at 18 years of age and you were not to be sent away outside Australia until you were 19 also. That was another one of the conditions so there was two sets of numbers do you know that? That CMF were V numbers and AIF volunteers were VX and so that's how it was and I didn't volunteer join AIF. That was always our ambition to be a

volunteer and principally as you probably know the CMF colour patch has no grey background. The grey background on your colour patch indicates that you're AIF and a volunteer. That was our big ambition to have that AIF colour patch. So at 18 years of age I was called up, did medical examinations, spent my first night in the army sleeping in the grandstand at Caulfield Racecourse. They were still training horses back in those days, woke us up in the morning.

Source: Australians at War Film Archive