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26 Battalion colour patch, Australian AIF
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1939 to 1946


26th Battalion AIF Association
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Never Unprepared
Australian Infantry

Official Book

Never Unprepared tells the story of the men from 26th Battalion. Their unit was one of many used in the critical days during the defence of Australia in WW2. It is a story about some of the 3,300 men who came from every Australian State and how they welded together with pride and tradition.

This history of the 26th Australian Infantry Battalion (AIF) is a valuable contribution to Australian military history.

Our price is $60.00 (AUD) plus $10.00 post and package. To reserve your copy of Never Unprepared send us an email today.

* Turrell, A. N. "Never Unprepared: a history of the 26th Australian Infantry Battalion (AIF), 1939-1946."

First published 1992

Second Edition 2008

Hard cover

194 pages plus addendum

7” wide x 9 3⁄4” high x 3⁄4” deep

ISBN 0646084976

26th Battalion Never Unprepared
Never Unprepared, A N Turrell 26th Battalion Never Unprepared