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Blue 'n' Purple

26 Battalion colour patch, Australian AIF
26 Battalion colour patch, Australian AIF 26th Battalion Never Unprepared

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1939 to 1946


26th Battalion AIF Association
26 Bn AIF
Never Unprepared
Australian Infantry

Blue 'n' Purple

This verse is but a narrative, abridged history if you like
Of a gallant young Battalion which the Japanese did strike.
Raised in Western Queensland when Hitlerism spawned.
Then consigned to dusty archives soon after peace had dawned.

And like every other regiment it had it's ups and downs,
With many soldiers through it's ranks from the outback to the towns.
Some went on to other glories, others joined us through the war
And heroic were some sagas, yes real esprit de corps!

Led by illustrious commanders, though in total but a few.
Firstly Colonel Harry Murray, real Australian legend true,
With Victoria Cross preceding, his awards invoke sheer awe
To Colonel Bernie Callinan, who bravely led us into war.

Early muster first at Townsville, some time at Sellheim camp
On the Barron at Kuranda, then on Horne Island we did tramp.
Some of us to Tanah Merah, our first taste of foreign soil
When Jap bombers did their utmost, our then lifestyle to bespoil.

More training now at Strathpine with Bougainville our goal,
Where the Japanese would test us as we probed with each patrol.
But we fought him and pursued him o'er swamp and jungle trail
From Numa down to Soraken , Ruri Bay to then assail.

Some journalist about that time dubbed us 'Bougainville Black Cats'
Though the weapon pits we lived in weren't quite feline habitats.
Still we didn't seek much glory, no applause for each foray,
Just did our bit and played our part in slouch hat and green beret.

Though we really won the battles, nothing's gained without a cost
For some 'twas total sacrifice yes, some real good men were lost.
So while we think of fallen mates, 'mid memory's fond recall,
We pay tribute to their courage, for they sacrificed their all.

Continued ...

A verse penned by veteran Tony Murray (Qld), May 1992